Self Assessment Multiple Choice Questions ( Medico Legal Autopsy )

Answers and explanation are given at the end of post.


During the postmortem examination of recently died child, the doctor notices the black colour of skin in the dependent areas of body. According to the data provided by the mother of child, the child has swallowed a large amount of medicine. This may be a classical case of

A. Corbon monoxide poisoning

B. Asphysxial death

C. Opium poisoning

D. Phosphorus poisoning



A medico legal expert doctor was called by the stat law authorities to perform postmortem examination and give an opinion about a sudden death of a young citizen. After a thorough external examination the doctor decided to dissect and examine the spinal cord. He most likely suspected it to be a case of….

A.  Tetanus toxin

B. Strychnine poisoning

C. No any clear medical cause of Death

D. All of above


An incision starting from the chin ( one inch below the symphysis menti ) upto symphysis pubis, without cutting umbilicus is called

A. I shaped incision

B. Y shaped incision

C. modified Y shaped incision

D. none of above





postmortem staining or lividity have a characteristic color indicating a possible cause of death e.g bluish green in Phosphorus poisoning, purple in case of asphyxial deaths, bright cherry red color in carbon monoxide poisoning, and black in case of opium poisoning. Answer is C


Postmortem spinal cord examination is mandatory in case of sudden death without sufficient morbid symptoms, epilepsy, strychnine poisoning and tetanus infection. Answer is D


An incision beginning from chin to symphysis pubis is called I shaped incision. Modified Y shaped incision begins with two incisions, one at each armpit and meeting at xiphisternum and than continuous as a single vertical incision down to symphysis pubis. Y shaped incision consist of two incisions commencing on either side of neck form the angle of jaw and than meet at manubrim sterni to continue as a single incision down to pubic symphysis. Answer is A